The Latest Cryptocurrency in the Town!- The Dawn of Pi

Have you ever wondered whether the price of bitcoin would skyrocket beyond gargantuan proportions? Have you thought that your assets will balloon to 10x its size through these crypto assets?

In this post, I will make you walk through what are the uses of bitcoin and how can we spot another opportunity.

What is Pi? Is it free?

Its a latest cryptocurrency which is yet to be launched but has been trading in the grey market at approximately 1pi= 1 dollar in phillipines, vietnam and china. See the proofs for yourself!

Philippines market trading on Pi coins
Tv sold using Pi coins

Check out Pi which is the first digital currency that you can mine from your phone

We have a simple solution for you: Pi. Not 3.14…. but a cryptocurrency invented by Stanford graduates. They invented Pi to make cryptocurrency accessible for all and easier to mine. You wont have to burn tons of energy to mine Pi contrary to other cryptocurrencies. In fact all you need to do is download the Pi app and click the “mine” button once every 24hrs.

I know this does not sound real. Allow us to explain you how it works:

Pi used consensus algorithm based on Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) and an algorithm called Federated Byzantine Agreement (FBA). In simple words, Pi is based on blockchain technology where every user acts as a node and acts as a participant of a distributed ledger. These nodes will be used to store the records of transactions of the digital currency once it becomes tradable. By downloading the app, you create a node and become a part of the crypto network. Now you just need to open the app once a day to confirm the fact that you are a human and not a bot using the app.

Pi also uses significantly less energy than Bitcoin to get mined as it is based on a different consensus algorithm. In bitcoin the next block of node gets created by solving a complex puzzle which requires heavy computational abilities but in Pi the leader of the node is free to form a new node. For example: I was added on the Pi network by somebody (Leader of my node) and now I can add anyone of you through a referral link which will make me the leader of your node. In this way I declare and add nodes that I trust.

Hence because Pi is a more democratic version of cryptocurrencies, it holds enormous potential to be widely accessible and trade at great premium. It overcomes the problem Bitcoin has currently: low accessibility and difficult to mine.

We think Pi has all the right ingredients to be the biggest cryptocurrency in the future and give multi-bagger returns to the people who have started mining it at an early stage.

Why you should start mining Pi immediately?

Pi has rewarded its early adopters generously and is reducing the amount of coins that you can mine as the users are increasing. The first user of Pi was able to mine 3 Pi coins per hour, but as users on the platform have crossed the 1 million mark, they reduced it to 0.2 Pi coins/hour. There are currently 9.5 million users on board and the next reduction is set to take place once this crosses the 10 million mark.

So hurry and be a part of the next 0.5 million users who could be a part of this extra-ordinary cryptocurrency revolution!

Want to Join Pi network ? Here is the link below.

else scan the QR code below

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